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 What do the 'Recount' and 'Reset' functions in 'My Limits' do?


With the introduction of the HDD Mod we've had a few users who are unable to get the full capacity of their storage back even after deleting the files. This is an intermittent bug with the system and it occurs randomly.

The links you see will do the following:

Recount - The recount function counts your storage based on number of active files in your account, from the stats it retrieves from the database. This is essentially 99% accurate and will result in your storage being accurately reflected after it has been initiated. This does NOT result in ANY loss of existing files in your storage.

Reset - The link you see will reset your storage limit back to full. The downside to this is that it will delete all existing and zombie files from your storage. So if you've got files and want to use this option, remember that you'll lose them. You can always re-download them, though.
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