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 Getting started with RPNet


Welcome to RPNet. We're glad you've chosen to subscribe with us, and this KB entry has been created to acquaint you with most of the features and functions of our system. This introduction will deal with the following aspects of RPNet:

  • Downloading files from your account
  • Different types of download modes
  • Download limits for hosts
  • Recommended download managers
  • Downloading torrents from your account
  • Value added complimentary services like Proxy and VPN
  • Account features like Bonus and Affiliate
  • Account Management
  • Renewing your account
  • Getting assistance for problems


Downloading files from your account

Start by logging into your account and clicking on the Download link in the UserCP navigation bar. Please check the screenshot below:


The screenshot below indicates a download box where you enter all your links. You may enter filehost links here, and you may also enter MAGNET links (for torrents; more on that later) here. The system will automatically differentiate and process these as needed.




Different types of download modes

If the screenshot(s) above are confusing, do not worry. This section will explain the different types of download modes available on RPNet and how each of them functions. For most content sources we support, you will be able to enter links and download the resulting links that our system gives you. However, you have other options for some hosts, while these alternative options may be forced for some hosts.

Any link on RPNet can be (click the links to learn more):
- Downloaded directly (instantly)
- Saved to HDD (this is your personal file storage on RPNet where you can store files from other content sources for downloading to your device at a later time)
- Queued (the queue is currently only forced for certain difficult hosts)
- Retrieved via bit-torrent (this is for MAGNET links)

Please click the links above to learn more about each of the download mode. If applicable, the help section will also contain helpful screenshots.


Download limits for hosts

Not all content sources that we support allow unlimited use. We do not have a monthly fair use limit for accounts. Instead, we implement a daily limit for certain content sources that are either difficult to work with or severely limit data for us. You can get a live overview of current limits by visiting the Limits page in your UserCP.


Recommended download managers

While most decent download managers should have no problems running with RPNet, since our generated links are no different from regular/direct HTTP links, there are some download managers that we've tried and tested and recommend.

Please read the following KB entry for recommended download managers:


Downloading torrents from your account

Besides fetching content from various third party sources, RPNet also allows you to download torrents. You can enter MAGNET links to a torrent in the Download box and RPNet's dedicated torrent servers will download the torrent for you (provided the torrent is healthy and has enough seeders and/or seeders with the full file) and let you download the contents of that torrent as one convenient .zip file (or browse the directory) via HTTP.

This is useful if you do not wish to download torrents personally for either privacy reasons or because of limited upload bandwidth and/or ISP/firewall restrictions on torrents. For detailed information, please refer to the following KB entry:


Value added complimentary services like Proxy and VPN

We realize the increasing need for users' privacy and anonymity, and keeping that in mind, RPNet also offers a proxy and VPN service. Our proxy and VPN service is complimentary, and entails no extra charges at this time. The extent of the service is modest, but functional and works very well for a lot of our users.

Please go through this KB category for information and details on the Proxy service:

And please visit this KB category for information and details on the VPN service:


Account features like Bonus and Affiliate

At RPNet, we believe in rewarding our users for their loyalty. Keeping that in mind, we've developed a bonus and an affiliate system. The bonus system rewards you for logging in every day; once every 24 hours, you can claim a random bonus ranging from extra download quota (applicable to any b/w limited host) to bonus premium time.

And if you feel that our service is up to your standards and would like to recommend it to your friends, we also have an affiliate system. Not only do you earn points for referring qualified users (the points can be used for extra premium time), but your referred users will also earn points if they sign up using your invitation code.

Please refer to this KB entry for more information on the bonus system:

You may also refer to this KB entry for more information on the affiliate system:


Account Management

The UserCP also offers a comprehensive account management area. You can update your email and password, as well as change certain settings for your account. Please refer to the screenshot below:


Secure Downloads: This option allows you to toggle Secure Downloads on or off. If set to on, all your traffic will be sent over encrypted SSL/HTTPS instead of regular HTTP

Downloads Listing Type: This is a UI (User Interface) preference option that allows you to choose between the way your generated links/downloads are listed on the My Downloads pages. You can choose between seeing grids (default) or a classic table listing.

Server Switch: This allows you to switch your account between one of our available download servers. Based on your location, you can pick one that is closest to you for faster data transfers.


Renewing your account

After registering your account with us, you will need to renew it/activate it before you can use our services as a premium user. After registration, please proceed to the Renew Account page to find one of many available payment options that you can use to quickly pay and activate your account for premium use.


Getting assistance for problems

We realize that while this startup guide contains an overall review of all the features we offer, there may be times when you need more information and/or wish to report a problem or a bug in the system. We're very receptive to all client communication and we love to hear feedback from you. If you have any trouble with RPNet, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly. This helpdesk is how we assist our users.

You can open a ticket and get in touch with us directly at:

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