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 How to switch between servers?


Our latest revision to our system allows our users to switch their accounts between different servers as and when they wish. This functionality was implemented to offer our users a far greater degree of control, and to make it a hassle free process for them.

Not only will this cut down the number of server switch related tickets, but it will also allow the switch to be instantaneous! Forget the time spent waiting for our replies (which are generally quick though) :)

So, how do you do it? Pretty simple. Here's a run down:

- Once logged in to your UserCP, click on 'Account Info'.

- The 'Account Info' page lists vital information about your account. It also shows you the current server your account is on. Just below that, there is a drop down list that allows you to select a different server.

- Select your preferred server from the list, and click the 'Change Server!' button. That's it, you're done! Your account is on the newly selected server now. You can verify that by visiting the 'Account Info' page again.

Pretty simple, wasn't it? Enjoy the new functionality :)
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