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 Essential proxy information


Here's some of the essential/important information that you'll need in order to use our new proxy service. All existing and new clients get automatic access to the proxy for no additional cost.

The proxy configuration URL that you need to configure in your browser(s) is:

https://premium.rpnet.biz/proxy.pac (non-linked text, for easy copy/pasting)


If you'd like to use these proxies directly, for all sites, you can specify them in your proxy settings. The settings for each region are:

US IP/Host: node-us.rpnet.biz
US Port: 80

UK IP/Host: node-uk.rpnet.biz
UK Port: 80

DE IP/Host: node-de.rpnet.biz
DE Port: 80


You can find tutorials on how to configure the proxy in your favorite browser here below.

For Firefox, you should refer to this article:

For Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera, please refer the to this article:

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