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 How to configure proxy in Firefox


Our proxy service is freely available to all existing and new RPNet members. You can use the proxy as long as you're an active subscriber of RPNet. Keep the following points in mind:
- Once you've configured the proxy as below, any attempts to browse a supported site (via automatic configuration) or any site (via manual configuration) will require a one time authentication.
- You need to enter your RPNet Username and RPNet Password in the authorization form.

Make sure you have the proxy url and/or proxy host/IP at hand when configuring your browser. To get that information, please check the below article:


1) Open your Firefox Options page.


Firefox Proxy Shot 1


2) Click on Advanced, then Network tab. There, click on Settings in the Connection section.


Firefox Proxy Shot 2


3) Enter the proxy URL as shown in the screenshot below.


Firefox Proxy Shot 3


4) If you would like to use a specific proxy for all sites/general use, you can manually configure it too. Screenshot follows.


Firefox Proxy Shot 4

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