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 Queued Downloads


Selected hosts (usually those that are difficult or notorious to work with multi host services) are queue based hosts. The queue system, unlike our regular downloads, will enter all links for that host in a system queue.

The system queue is processed at random times of the day and once your link(s) are processed, the files will be stored to your HDD and can be accessed from both My Queue and My HDD Files.

Please note that during the initial release, the system has limited features. As such, current limitations are:

- Limits for the hosts are link based (instead of size based)
- Queue position is currently not indicated, but will soon be
- Deleting queued links that are not yet processed will add back to your limit

When a link is queued, the status of the link is 'Waiting'. Links that are queued will not show a filename (instead they show the link itself in the name field). Queued links also do not show a filesize. The filesize is only shown once the processing starts.

Please keep in mind that this system is currently in development and will be expanded upon in due time. As such, tickets regarding queued links and processing times of said queued links will be treated with a lower than normal priority.

Please remember to report any bugs you encounter at the helpdesk. Please include relevant information with your reports (link, host, description of the problem/bug, etc).

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