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 What are bonuses?


Bonuses are how we award our users' loyalty. Getting a bonus is very easy - simply login to the UserCP, click on the Bonus tab, and claim your bonus.

You can claim 1 bonus every 24 hours, and choose to apply it immediately or at a later point in time. The current bonus offerings are as follows:

- 6 hours account extension
- 12 hours account extension
- 24 hours account extension
- 100MB additional host quota
- 200MB additional host quota

When you claim your bonus, you can get a random bonus from one of the above listed items. Higher bonus tiers are rarer compared to lower ones.

Please note that for host quota bonuses, they can currently only be applied to hosts limited by MB and not the ones limited by number of links. We will add bonus items for link limited hosts in the near future.

Please also note that if your chosen host is already available in full, applying a quota bonus to it will result in that bonus being wasted. You must use your host quota before applying a bonus to it.

The bonus timer resets everyday at 00:00;00 server time.

Simply login and claim your bonus daily!

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