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 Information on the Affiliate System


The affiliate system has been in the works for quite some time, and has finally been rolled out and is available publicly to all users of the system.

All users can generate Invite Codes that can be distributed to friends/referees and promoted anywhere you deem suitable.

When a user signs up using your Invite Code and renews their account for the first time, both you and the user (i.e. the referrer and the referee) are credited with 1 Point. This is to encourage our users to use the Invite System to refer their friends to RPNet and to encourage new users to actually use the Invite Codes instead of signing up without one.

We believe that doubling the incentive, by rewarding both the referrer and the referee, helps our existing users who wish to be rewarded by promoting RPNet while offering something to the new user who may be signing up to RPNet for the first time.

Please make sure you are aware of the following rules/terms:
- You and the referee are rewarded 1 Point after the user signs up using your Invite Code and makes their first payment/renewal
- Each 1 Point is equal to 5 Days of premium time/extension
- Points can only be redeemed for account extension at this time
- The system will calculate points once every 24 hours. You may not see your points rewarded instantly when your referee renews their account for the first time, but they will be rewarded/calculated without fail
- Abuse and/or artificial referrals as well as attempts to exploit the system will not be tolerated and are closely monitored

You can generate as many Invite Codes as you wish to. Once a user signs up using your Invite Code, your affiliate panel will show you the User ID of the user that used your Invite Code, and the date it was used.

Unused Invite Codes can be deleted but still exist in your panel for reference.

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