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 Torrents on RPNet


The below list is a summary of our torrent service. Please remember that the Torrent feature on RPNet is absolutely complimentary and does not involve any extra charges.

We will continue to develop further features and enhancements into the Torrent feature. At this time, please note the following information:

- The 'Download' box is where you will enter your magnet links or upload .torrent files.

- All torrents are currently seeded up to 1:1 ratio. There is no time limit, but if our system detects that a torrent has been seeding for too long (usually over 10 days) without hitting 1:1 ratio, it will be removed.

- All torrents added will be allowed to run for 5 days to download. If a torrent has not downloaded 100% within 5 days, our system will assume that it will likely never download in full (due to lack of seeders or not having seeders with 100% of the torrent). This torrent will be removed from the system. The files for this torrent will remain, and a progress report will be created in the files directory that will show you the date the torrent was added, the date it was removed, and the list of files and their completed %.

- Torrents are currently stored on the system on a best-effort basis. Our system runs a periodic clean up, and if the torrent servers are running low on disk space, the system cleans up some of the oldest files to free up disk space. Please make sure you download your completed torrents as soon as possible.

- You may download up to 10 torrents simultaneously; at this time, you may store any number of torrents. There is no storage limit (your HDD storage is independent of the torrent storage and does not count towards it). Having said that, please be mindful of your use and refrain from intentionally overloading the system by queuing up tens of large torrents all at the same time. We will continue to monitor the system for any potential abuse cases.

As always, please report all bugs at the helpdesk. We'll expand on the Knowledgebase articles if we feel there is need for that, going forward.

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