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 HDD Downloads on RPNet


If you wish to not download a file immediately, and instead would like to download it at a later time, you may fetch that file to our servers for temporary storage. HDD Downloads allow users to store files from various sources to our servers' drives.

In addition, some filehosts that are difficult or problematic to work with, may be forced to HDD (i.e. HDD being the only option, and directly streaming them not allowed) on RPNet. The services page will list this for qualifying hosts.

At present, the HDD Downloads have the following conditions:
- Storage space is limited for every user. For an updated limit, please visit the Limits page in your account.
- HDD files are kept for at least 7 days. If the system has adequate free resources, they may be kept for longer. But if the system needs resources freed up, files older than 7 days will be deleted.
- HDD files will always be served from your selected server, irrespective of what server they are stored on.

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