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 Why do my downloads stop at 99% ?


We don't receive a lot of complaints about downloads stopping at 99%. However, those that we do, are one of these issues:

- It was a Netload link
- A connection error caused the issue

Netload is known to not send a proper signal when the file is done transferring, thus the downloads stop at 99%. There's nothing wrong with our service.

To resolve this, here's what you should do:

- Ensure you're using IDM (Internet Download Manager)
- Pause the download (if it hangs/stops at 99%)
- Go to your UserCP area, and click on 'Show Downloads'
- Regenerate the link for the faulty download
- Copy the new link
- Replace the older link in IDM (Right Click -> Properties) with the new link, and resume your download
- Your file will resume and the download will successfully complete

If you're not downloading a Netload premium link, and you encounter this error, please try the above steps. If it fails to work for you, please open a support ticket with the original filehost link you tried and the error(s) you encountered. We'll resolve the matter for you.
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