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Getting started with RPNet
Welcome to RPNet. We're glad you've chosen to subscribe with us, and this KB entry has been created to acquaint you with most of the features and functions of our system. This introduction will deal w...
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What download manager should I use with RPNet Premium?
Internet Download Manager We officially support and test all our programming on Internet Download Manager. Keeping that in mind, we would encourage all our users to use IDM. Not only is it one of t...
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Why do my downloads stop at 99% ?
We don't receive a lot of complaints about downloads stopping at 99%. However, those that we do, are one of these issues: - It was a Netload link - A connection error caused the issue Netload i...
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Why do I get an 'undefined' error when I try to generate links?
There's two causes to this: - Your session expired - You're using a browser that is not completely compatible with our service (Internet Explorer) Our first advice would be to switch to Google ...
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What do the 'Recount' and 'Reset' functions in 'My Limits' do?
With the introduction of the HDD Mod we've had a few users who are unable to get the full capacity of their storage back even after deleting the files. This is an intermittent bug with the system and ...
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Why do I get a filestorage error?
Often, when you enter a Filesonic link, you get the following error: "If you download this file you will go over your file storage limit." This error indicates that your HDD space is f...
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How to use password protected links with RPNet?
When entering a password protected link, you must enter the password separated by the '|' character. So, for example, the link is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=xyz And the password is: abc You must...
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HDD Downloads on RPNet
If you wish to not download a file immediately, and instead would like to download it at a later time, you may fetch that file to our servers for temporary storage. HDD Downloads allow users to store ...
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Queued Downloads
Selected hosts (usually those that are difficult or notorious to work with multi host services) are queue based hosts. The queue system, unlike our regular downloads, will enter all links for that hos...
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How to switch between servers?
Our latest revision to our system allows our users to switch their accounts between different servers as and when they wish. This functionality was implemented to offer our users a far greater degree ...
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What are secure downloads? And how do I turn them off/on?
As of 2nd September, 2014 we've enabled SSL support on all our download servers. SSL provides point to point encryption of internet traffic and acts as a method of protection against any potential pac...
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